Accessories designed for installing our products - ORSOL


ORSOL installation products ensure that you will do a good job and entitle you to the ORSOL 10-year product guarantee.
Our installation products: adhesives, pointing/grouting, waterproofing, etc., are particularly well-suited to installing our facing, paving, piers, coping, and garden features.


A full range for installing all our products

ORSOL accessories are specially designed for installing our products.
They facilitate the installation of facing, paving, coping, piers, and garden features, from fixing with adhesives to protecting your products.
The use of our range of installation accessories entitles you to the garantie produit 10 ans ORSOL.

les Colles

Le mortier colle ORFLEX pour la pose en intérieur et extérieur.
ORSOL products are fixed by double application of adhesive. The quantities of adhesive required are listed on the Espace Technique.

  • Mortier joint ORFLEX en sac de 25 kg pour pose intérieure et extérieure

les Joints

2 types de joints :
– Le mortier joint mur pour la pose des parements, disponible en teinte beige, ocre, blanc, noir
– Le mortier joint sol pour la pose des dallages en teinte grise et ivoire.
Retrouvez les consommations de joints dans la partie Espace Technique.

les Hydrofuges

Water repellent protects your walls and paving, both outdoors and in damp rooms. The treatment is repeated every 5 years for maximum protection of your facing, paving, and piers. Hydronoir is specially designed for the entire CISELE.
Retrouvez les consommations d’hydrofuge dans la partie Espace Technique.

  • Protège les produits en extérieur et pièces humides
  • Colors: colourless for all products, black only for the CISELE
  • Opération à renouveler tous les 5 ans

Technical specifications

Download the technical specifications for the ACCESSOIRES DE POSE range to obtain the following information:

  • Les préconisations d’utilisation
  • Les fiches de sécurité