Black &White Brick cladding - ORSOL

 Black & White Brick cladding

Create a decor combining vintage and contemporary trends with our WHITE & BLACK Brick wall cladding.
Their sparkling mica crystals add lustre to your walls and facades.


All ORSOL products are integrally-coloured for invisible seams.

for a minimum quantity : 100 m2

the Aspect

Texture and sparkle

BRIQUE BLACK & WHITE cladding combines the texture of weathered bricks with contemporary colours and a sparkling finish, thanks to the mica crystals scattered over the surface.

  • Aged grain
  • Sparkle and brilliance
  • Edges eroded


No need for accessories to shine

The BRIQUE BLACK & WHITE collection is ideal for contemporary decoration.
It reveals its full potential in combination with materials like metal and glass, as well as coated or painted walls.

Wall cladding

The BRIQUE BLACK & WHITE wall cladding is a siding installation easy with its small thickness. Fitted by gluing stone by stone, it’s grouted finish.

  • Wall cladding stone by stone
  • Cast stone
  • Thin : ± 1,5 cm
  • Grouted
  • Frostproof
  • High durability

Technical specifications

Download the technical specifications for the BRIQUE BLACK & WHITE range to obtain the following information:

  • Product sizes
  • Shades
  • Installation instructions and tips
  • Quantities of accessories required (adhesive, pointing/grouting, water repellent)
  • Our reference documents